Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paper-ED Classes At Michaels FAQ

If you're looking for more information about the paper-ED classes (or Spotted Canary School) at Michaels Arts and Crafts, West Broad Street Store, you've landed in the right place. This is a work in progress; I'm adding more information all the time. If you have a question that isn't answered on this blog please feel free to contact me via email at, and I'll do my best to answer your question as soon as possible. I'm going to hit the big questions right here, right now.

What is paper-ED?
paper-ED is a series of classes developed to teach the essentials of paper crafting while building students' confidence to create a hunger for more. We strive to present current, fresh, on trend curriculum that you won't see taught anywhere else. We also offer a scrapbookers and paper crafts an arena to socialize and network with their peers while building lasting relationships with others who share their passion.

What are the paper-ED classes?
At this time they are Card Trick, Tim Holtz Halloween, Paper Bag Mini Album, Texture Wow!, Halloween Party, Sketched Out, Altered Canvas Trio, Card Tricks in a Flash, and Tim Holtz Tags of Christmas Past. More classes are added all the time, and we've got at least one Crop Night scheduled each month.  (See additional posts for class descriptions).

Who teaches paper-ED?
Hi. my name is Beth, and I'm a craft addict. I've suffered with this wonderful affliction for most of my life, since I was old enough to grip a pair of safety scissors. I'm come to terms with this and I'm no longer seeking a cure of any kind, rather I've embraced my crafty nature and have become a Certified Scrapbook Instructor. I'm thrilled to be your guide to the wonderful world of paper crafts and I love the paper-ED curriculum developed by the Paper Craft Team at Michaels. I also teach the Spotted Canary School for beginning scrapbookers.

How much does the class cost?
Tuition is $25 for a 2-hour paper-ED class. Materials are not included. When you register for a class you will receive a syllabus with a list of necessary materials. You can either purchase the suggested materials, or bring materials from home.

How long are the classes?
Classes are 2 hours long unless otherwise specifically noted on the schedule.

Is there an age limit? Can I bring my kids?
That’s a fuzzy one. There are some kid’s classes, and those classes are specifically noted on the schedule, for example “Kid’s Scrapbook Frame”. Kid’s classes are recommended for children who’ve started elementary school and do require parental supervision. Responsible high school students are welcome to sign up for paper-ED classes, with parents permission and do not need to be accompanied, however to do love to see parent/child pairs in our classes. On the flip side, our classes are GREAT for seniors, we offer daytime as well as evening classes, and we can help you start to organize a lifetime’s worth of photos into beautiful, well-preserved scrapbooks! 
UPDATE: If you have middle school aged children (9-13) who would like to take a paper-ED class, please contact me, and we can work something out.  I'd suggest a ratio of one parent to three children, just to keep things moving.  In these cases all parents and children would be paying participants.

Why should I take your class instead of reading a blog, watching a YouTube video or just playing with products on my own?
Well, because quite honestly, there is no substitute for hands on learning. We’ve developed these projects with the product manufacturers and a team our corporate Paper Craft Team, to bring you what we believe to be an amazing finished product. We’ve done all the trial and error work for you already, and in taking just one class, you'll learn dozens of new techniques you can apply to all your paper crafting and scrapbooking in the future. PLUS you’ll meet some other people and make some new friends who share your interests and passion for paper.

How often do you introduce new classes?
Short answer? All the time. We’re constantly adding new classes to keep up with changing trends in paper crafting, introduce new products, and integrate seasonally appropriate themes. But all of our classes are modifiable by YOU to meet your needs. For example, our “Paper Party” series can be Halloween, X-Mas, Easter, a child’s birthday, a retirement party, and so many others. Our “Card Tricks” series is sampled with as a Thank You card set with a Chandelier theme, but could be changed to Dinosaurs and Happy Birthday for a young child, or Wedding Bells and Save the Date for a newly engaged couple. If you have a special need that you don’t know how to meet, just ask, I would be thrilled to help you.

I want to take a class, but the scheduled time(s) don't work for my schedule.
I realize that everyone's schedules are very busy these days.  Most of my classes are scheduled up to two-three months in advance at various times of the day and days of the week in an attempt to provide many options for everyone's schedules.  That being said, if there is a specific class you want to take that isn't scheduled at a good time for you, contact me, phone, email, blog comment, and we'll see if we can work something out.  Most of the time I will be able to accomadate you, with a reasonable amount of advanced warning.

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  1. I work at Michaels and one of my co-workers is interested in becoming the scrapbooking instructor there. I told her I'd find out the information for her. Can you help?